McKendree Chapel
2025 Dayton-Brandt Road
Troy, Ohio 45373


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The history of the McKendree Chapel (formally known as McKendree United Methodist Church) began on October 31, 1811 when several families came to the Northwest Territory from Giles County Virginia and settled in Miami and Clark Counties, Ohio.

The McKendree Society of 21 members was organized in 1812  for 20 years met in a log cabin, built by William Mitchell, home of Samuel Mitchell.  Great camp meetings were held in 1814, 1818, and at intervals through the years adding many souls to the church.

In 1832, a new frame church was erected on an acre of ground, which was deeded by Samuel Mitchell and his wife on December 6, 1838. After 21 years, this structure was moved and replaced in 1853 by the present building.

Fire damaged the church on December 16, 1951, and the people worshiped at a vacant church in Alcony. The McKendree building was fully restored and was rededicated in October 1952.

A new educational unit  erected in 1963, consecrated to service, and dedicated on October 26, 1969.